energizerbunnymode said: ouch - take care of that ankle! I’ve sprained mine twice, and if you don’t heal it up properly it can give you hell in the future. ankle injuries are the worst!

I definitely will and yes they are!

Anonymous asked: “I recently saw your meal prep post and I was wondering do you freeze those meals? Or do you keep them in the fridge and if so, is it safe to do that?”

Hi, I only make enough food for a week (lunch and dinner) so I just put it in the fridge. I probably wouldn’t make food any more in advance and if I did I guess it would require freezing. Did a quick google search on the safety of food and found these fyi:

3-4 days seems to be the safest bet. I’ve been doing 5. Hope that helps.

  1. piuveloce said: whaaaat are suicide jumps!
They’re similar/same as burpees. So jump back into a plank, then jump your feet towards your hands. Stand up jump up in the air and repeat :)
Anonymous asked: “what are some good ways to prevent yourself from eating unhealthy food”

I struggle with this too! There’s so much mouth watering food out there. Eat it, but in moderation. If you restrict things you like, you may end up binging.  Just make sure the healthy foods outnumber the ‘unhealthy ones.’ If I know I shouldn’t eat anything else for the day, I grab fruit, you cant go wrong with fruit.

Anonymous asked: “You are an inspiration!”

You are too sweet!

Anonymous asked: “Good job with day 15!!!! Keep going!!!! You're almost there!!!!!”

Thanks!! I will :D

 dreasayshii said: I’m also doing insanity.. But I always get confused on how to count the switch kicks. Do you count each kick? Or does both legs equal 1?

I count each kick. I guess if I didn’t my results would be halved, but I assume it’s ok either way. :)

  1. brookellicious said: I usually do NTC before I do day 4. I feel like its a wasted day, even though your body does need the time to recover a little bit.

Yeah me too, I will probably do that before the next one :D

Anonymous asked: “Hi! I'm thinking about starting Metamorphosis by Tracy, but I didn't find any comments, anywhere. I was looking for anybody to tell me how it works, because I think we can't listen only advertisements - they only tell good things! So, I found your fitblr and I'd like to know your honest opinion: does it really works? Have you ever seen any results? Kisses and thank you so much!”

Hi, I don’t know why I just saw this message. There was no number over the envelope :(

So I’ve done her stuff off and on and like any workout, if you stick to it and eat well you’ll see results. There’s two parts, the cardio and then the mat workout.

So some people really dislike TA cardio dance workout. It’s a lot of jumping which can be bad for your knees IF you don’t land properly (I always land with my feet flat, keep my knees slightly bent). TA also doesn’t give a lot of instruction which can be good and bad. Good because you can just put your music on and dance to that— bad because until you do it a few times, you don’t know what she’s going to do next, which did really piss me off for awhile. Now I love it because I’m burning crazy calories dancing to my personal playlist. 

The mat workout is free arms, arms with weights an ab workout and some really unique leg workouts, that you do on all fours. You will definitely feel sore the next day. With the mat portion the problem is the same as with her cardio, little to no instruction. So she doesn’t count down reps you just follow along and switch when she does. I have always found Tracy’s free/standing arms to be unique. I watched some of it online and thought that ridiculous there’ s no way that’s doing anything! 15 seconds in you feel the burn. 

Hopefully that helps you out a bit! Let me know if you try it out!

Anonymous asked: “Does the Tracy Anderson workout really burn that many calories?! I've skimmed thoroughly through the video before but I feel like she stays in the same place almost the entire workout.. O_O”

Yup. Great thing about her routine is you can mute the TV, play the music you like and follow along pretty easily. It’s non-stop dance cardio for 30 minutes. So if you’re actually giving it 100 percent—putting everything you have into each step, jumping high, lifting your legs, you should be able to burn a lot of calories doing this workout. There are some days, I don’t make it through without pausing, or just feel tired, those days I won’t burn as much. Exercise super hard and you’ll burn loads of calories.

Anonymous asked: “Which Turbo Jam cardio party do you usually feel like gives you the best/hardest workout? Also, you should do Zumba one day and tell us your calorie burn! Tons of free videos online - one of my favorites on YouTube is Gigi's 50 minute zumba class.”

I think the Cardio Party #3 is probably the one with the best workout. They’re all pretty great though. I have tried Zumba… I can’t remember which one. I’m not too much of a dancer so It didn’t really stick lol. Maybe I will try it again though. 

Anonymous asked: “Are you sure your heart rate monitor calculates your 'calories burned' correctly? When I do NTC's Shoulder Shaper my monitor says I burn only around 100. Do you think mine is underestimating like crazy? Or is yours overestimating? I can't really see burning 300 calories in 15 minutes.”

Some people don’t bother to wear the watch/pay attention to calories burned while doing weights but I always keep it on.

Shoulder Shaper is mainly weights but you’re jumping/getting your HR up during the Burpee. Alternating Plank Riases seems to get my HR up as well as the Single Leg exercise. No idea why yours says 100 and mine says 300. We are probably working out differently, not doing the same amount of sets and at different levels of exertion.  

Anonymous asked: “why should you not skip leg day?”

So you aren’t out of proportion?  lol. Honestly it’s probably best to ask a trainer that question.

Anonymous asked: “How long did you skate for and how fast for your pace to burn that many calories?!”

I think about 3.5 hours and a pretty steady pace. I’m no figure skater lol but I was basically doing laps.

Anonymous asked: “I'm 5'4 and 110 pounds but my stomach still looks kind of fat to me, only from the front though, any suggestions on what to do?”

Hi! I am not an expert but I think cardio to burn the fat off covering your abs.  The stomach is always so hard to get toned–especially for me. Maybe do some Hiit workouts.