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Some of pre planned meals this week. I think this is the 4th week of pre-planning…
Wednesday to Friday

Week 3 meal prep. Planned on doing grilled chicken this week but didn’t get to the grocery store so I just used the gr. beef I had. It made enough to get me until lunch Wednesday so I should hit up the grocery story at least by Tuesday!
Week 2 of pre planning my meals.
Lunch/dinner until Friday. Ran out of broccoli as you can see so news to do some grocery shopping!
Snacks for work
Snack preparation for work/internship :)

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

So I bought two types of Shirataki noodles awhile ago and decided to finally make something with them. I made some beef chow mein.

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I baked some of these today, so yummy can’t tell the difference between the ones with white flour. Each cookie ended up having 31.5 calories each!  

Snack Time!